General presentation

The “Trace Talent “Europe” challenge is organized by the TRACE Corporate Foundation (hereinafter “Trace”) in collaboration with Lézarts Urbains and Flat Line Collective, and co-financed by the European Union and the City of Marseille.

It is a European challenge which will take place in Brussels, Marseille and Sofia and which will be preceded by a call for applications phase via a dedicated website: and a candidate selection phase including a live casting for artists. The objective of Trace, its partners and co-financiers is to identify and develop the careers of young European talents (36 in total including 12 per city) passionate about Live professions: (1) Artist / performer (2) Tour manager/tour director (3) Technical director/stage manager (4) Scenographer/stage coach (5) Communication/marketing manager (6) Content/editorial manager). 

Hereinafter the “Challenge”

To participate, candidates must provide:  

  1. A participation form including the following information:
  •     Surname/Last name (required)
  •     First name (required)
  •     Stage name (optional)
  •     Date of birth (required) 
  •     Email address (required)
  •     Telephone (required)
  •     Country of residence (required)
  •     City of residence (required)
  •     Postal code (required) 
  • Social networks (Instagram / Tiktok / X) (optional)
  • The challenge professions that interest them the most (optional)
  • Results of the Trace talent personality quiz (optional)
  •   Hidden talents (optional)
  • Acceptance of receiving communications from the TRACE group (OPT IN) (optional)


  1. A motivational video (maximum 90 seconds long)

To download from from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. 


  1. Additionally for artists, a video of a live performance and/or a music video as well as confirming the following information: 
  • Who is the producer of the audio recording(s) and/or video(s)?  
  • Did they grant exclusivity on their interpretations to a producer?
  • Confirm that they are the sole author/composer of the musical work in the video. If not, tell us who the rights holders are. 
  • Have they granted exclusivity on their creations (in their capacity as author and/or composer) to a publisher ?  
  • If this is the case, provide the contact details of the producer and/or publisher.

The 36 most deserving/motivated candidates (six candidates for each of the following professions (1) Artist / performer (2) Tour manager / tour director (3) Technical director / stage manager (4) Scenographer / stage coach (5) Communication manager / marketing (6) Content / editorial manager) will be selected by Trace, Lézarts Urbain, Flat Line Collective and the project partners (ambassadors, coaches, partners, etc.). The selection of successful candidates will be made on the basis of the quality of the information provided and the candidate’s motivations. The artists will also be subject to a live casting in their city and commit to participating by submitting their application (April 4 in Brussels, April 16 in Marseille and April 24 in Sofia).

From May 27 to June 27, 2024, the selected candidates will be trained in multidisciplinary and transnational teams of 6 talents. Their objective will be to develop the best concert for the artist they represent and understand all aspects: artistic development, stage performance, technical supervision, administrative management, logistics, marketing strategy and communication. 

Persons responding to the call for applications authorize all verifications concerning, in particular, their identity, their residence, etc. Any false declaration is likely to cause harm to Trace and its partners and may result in the elimination and/or suspension of the interested party’s participation in the call for applications.

In the event of a breach of these regulations and/or false declaration, Trace will take any decision it deems appropriate, in particular, but not limited to, by reminding the person concerned of the selection rules and asking them to comply with them as soon as possible and/or by eliminating their application.

It is reminded for all purposes that the people selected to actually participate in the Challenge must satisfy and accept the conditions of the Challenge regulations which will be presented to them by Trace and accept and sign all the documents necessary to allow effective participation in the Challenge.

Participation in the call for applications and more generally in the Challenge is strictly voluntary and cannot result in any form of remuneration and/or compensation.

Dates of the call for applications 

The call for applications will begin on March 5, 2024 and close on April 1, 2024 for artists and April 22, 2024 for other applications. The names of the thirty six (36) selected candidates will be announced on various media, including social networks, television (the Trace Urban & Trace Latina channels) as well as excerpts from the motivational videos with which they applied and from the casting of artists.

No claim against Trace and/or its partners

Under the section relating here to “Responsibility”, by submitting a motivational video and taking part in the call for applications and/or live casting, candidates, whether selected or not, hereby agree not to make any complaint regarding the conduct of the call for applications, regardless of the legal argument that may be put forward, including, without limitation, regulations relating to the use of a portrait or content and/ or for consumer protection, against Trace and/or its partners, their affiliates and their respective directors, officers or agents. 


Trace and its partners do not subscribe to any obligation with regard to the people responding to the call for applications to select them for the Challenge nor to produce, carry out and/or distribute this Challenge, in whole or in part, and cannot therefore be concerned in this regard.

Trace and/or its partners cannot be held responsible in the event of the occurrence of: 

– any event presenting the characteristics of force majeure; 

– any act of a third party and/or fault of a person responding to the call for applications causing harm to a third party or to himself; 

– any action by a person responding to the call for applications registering in contradiction with the rules arising from these regulations and any amendments thereto and/or disrupting the smooth running and/or integrity of the call for applications and/or the Challenge; 

– any technical, logistical and/or material failure; 

– damage caused to the computer equipment of people responding to the call for applications or participating in the Challenge. 

Each person responding to the call for applications must ensure, before participating in the call for applications, that this participation does not contravene or prejudice the rights of third parties. In this regard, everyone will assume all the consequences of their choices and decisions. Trace and/or its partners do not guarantee that the call for applications will operate without interruption, failure, malfunction, nor in the absence of computer or other errors, nor that the defects noted will be corrected, which the persons responding to the The call for applications expressly recognizes. 

The candidates and participants in the Challenge do so under their sole and entire responsibility and the responsibility of Trace and/or its partners cannot be sought in any capacity whatsoever and in particular they agree to release Trace and its parent companies, its divisions , its affiliates, partners, advertising, promotion and public relations agencies, and their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agencies, from any liability with respect to any claim, loss (including loss of opportunity), liability and damages of any kind, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred or suffered as a result of preparing for and/or participating in Challenge-related activities, including, without limitation, any injury, harm, death, loss or accident affecting a person or property, and release them from any liability with regard to a real or presumed violation by the candidate or participant of any agreement or guarantee associated with the Challenge, including included in these regulations.


Participation in the call for applications for the Challenge is reserved for candidates who are adults or who will be adults on the closing date of the call for applications. 

Consequently, candidates under the age of 18 on the closing date of the call for applications cannot be considered among the selected candidates.

The selected candidates declare that they are in good health and have no medical contraindications to participate in the Challenge throughout the period of the latter .

The candidate, to be eligible, undertakes to be available and mobile at least over the period from May 27 to June 27, 2024 to join the Challenge without returning home when traveling to other territories and to have the necessary valid documents for travel across Europe by land or air. 

The adventure will take place in Brussels, Marseille and Sofia and will include working sessions, masterclasses, visits to cities and infrastructures in the targeted territories, challenges and the setting up of the final stage at Sofia Live Fest as well as a presentation of their work before a jury to elect the best team. 

For an application to be successful, candidates must ensure that their motivational video does not exceed ninety seconds (90 s).

Furthermore, candidates must also ensure that their application does not contain insults and/or comments and/or behaviour that could offend anyone’s sensibilities. An application containing offensive comments and/or behaviour may be withdrawn from the call for applications according to the assessment of the moderation committee represented by Trace.

Candidates for the Challenge must submit their complete application (participation form, motivational video, audio recording and/or videogram for artists) on the website 

Candidates, by submitting their application, declare that they are the sole author of the content with which they apply and/or certify that they hold the rights necessary for its exploitation and transfer according to the methods and processes referred to in these regulations. Any candidates who do not comply with this notice may be disqualified from the call for applications and may be subject to legal action, particularly with regard to intellectual property rights. 

If, however, a candidate wishes to withdraw their application from the Challenge, they must send an email to the following address: The moderation committee represented by Trace may therefore delete the application in question as an administrator. 

The Trace moderation committee reserves the right to delete a participation if it conflicts with the intellectual property rights submitted by external moderations, independent of Trace.

Inscriptions et identification

By participating in the Call for Entries, the Applicant warrants that their entry and all related materials comply with the content guidelines set out above, including, without limitation, ensuring that the materials making up the entry : 1. Are correct and 2. Do not contain racist content, illegal content or content that encourages violence. The participation and access of participants to the call for applications are left to the sole discretion of Trace and its partners and may be cancelled at any time without reason and without notice. Trace and its partners reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to use or not use any content submitted as part of the call for applications on the site The candidate undertakes not to distribute or publish through the call for applications any content which prevents any other person from participating in the call for applications and/or contains a virus, spyware and/or a other component which is harmful or which is not appropriate or relevant to the call for applications and/or which is defamatory or offensive. 

Entries can only be submitted by one applicant. Each registration is individual. Only one reference candidate is registered when registering. Group entries are not accepted (for example, although multiple individuals may have participated in submitting musical content, only one individual may be considered to have produced and submitted such musical content). 

Transfer of content submitted or created during the Challenge

By taking part in the call for applications and submitting in particular a motivational video and photographs on the dedicated site, as well as by taking part in the Challenge for the selected candidates and in particular by creating content, all candidates irrevocably cede to Tracks all ownership rights in such motivational video, its embedded elements and photographs you submit through the call for entries as well as any content created as part of the Challenge. Any comments, suggestions, graphics, ideas (including product and advertising ideas) and other information or content that you submit to Trace through the Call for Entries and/or as part of the Challenge will become and remain the exclusive property of Trace, including any future rights associated with such Submissions, even if these Rules are later modified or terminated. This means that the candidates waive all property rights linked to these applications and the elements composing them and/or created as part of the Challenge and that you recognize Trace’s unconditional right to use them (or to use content or similar ideas) on all media, current and future, including in particular all of Trace’s communication tools and its partners, including television channels, Internet, platforms, social networks, and public representations, throughout the world entire, for the entire term of protection of the intellectual property rights, without notice, consideration or other obligation to you or any other person or entity. This also means that, other than your personal information, Trace is not required to keep your applications confidential. 

Candidates guarantee Trace and its partners, its affiliated companies, against any recourse in this regard. 

The candidates declare and guarantee, without reservation, that they have all the rights, licenses, consents and authorizations from all third parties allowing the peaceful exploitation by Trace, its partners, and their affiliated companies of said content under the conditions envisaged. herein. Persons responding to the call for applications and/or participating in the Challenge undertake not to submit to Trace content over which third parties may hold rights, including intellectual property rights, the right to respect the privacy and image rights or to have obtained all necessary authorizations and agreements prior to said submission and transfer. 

Candidates are prohibited from publishing, disseminating or communicating all elements created as part of the call for applications and/or the Challenge without the prior written consent of Trace for a period of 10 (ten) years. from the opening of the call for applications for the Challenge.

Use of audio recordings and/or videograms submitted by artists during the application 

Notwithstanding the preceding provision, artist candidates guarantee that they have the exclusive rights or control of all exploitation rights of the phonogram(s) and/or videogram(s) submitted during the Challenge application. The candidate artists assign to Trace, its partners, and their affiliated companies all exploitation rights, including in particular the right of reproduction, adaptation, fixation, representation, capture, distribution, on any medium, present or hereafter, for the entire term of protection of intellectual property rights, worldwide, without notice, consideration or other obligation to you or any other person or entity.

And the Challenge

The Challenge will begin on May 27, 2024 and end on June 27, 2024. Challenge participants agree to be present for the entire duration of the Challenge. 

The Challenge includes workshops taught by Live professionals and/or moments of working with other members of your team. 

Trace or its partners will advise of the suitable time and location in advance of each work session and organized free days. 

Trace and its partners undertake to cover accommodation, transport and meals per day for each participant in the Challenge. Notwithstanding the previous provision, when the participant is in his country of residence (France, Bulgaria or Belgium) his accommodation, meals and transport to the workshop locations are not covered. 

From May 27 to June 27, 2024, Challenge participants will be formed into multidisciplinary and transnational teams of 6 talents. Their objective will be to develop the best concert for the artist they represent and understand all aspects: artistic development, stage performance, technical supervision, administrative management, logistics, marketing strategy and communication. 

They will also have to submit their finalized project to the Challenge management teams as part of the final. The juries will have to decide on the winning team based on the project presented. 

The projects will be judged according to the following criteria in particular: 

Creativity / Originality;

Feasibility of the Live project; 


Team cohesion ; 

Seriousness / Commitment; 

Any other criteria agreed by Trace and/or its partners (and in particular criteria of interpersonal skills and team cohesion perceived by the supervising professionals during the challenge)


Participants in the applications and/or the Challenge expressly accept under the conditions set out below that the Challenge may be filmed and broadcast on the media of Trace and its partners, including television channels, the Internet, social networks and platforms. In this context, participants in the applications and/or the Challenge expressly authorize the capture of their image and the attributes of their personality and all the operations carried out by Trace and its partners referred to below.

Finality of jury decisions. 

Trace and its partners reserve the right to exclude any individual in their sole and absolute discretion, with or without cause, including, without limitation, violation of any part of these rules or alteration of the participation process and the Challenge. Trace also reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time upon notice. By continuing to participate in the Challenge after the modification of the rules, you will be deemed to have accepted the modified rules.


Any participant in the call for applications and/or the Challenge will subscribe and maintain for the entire duration of the Challenge and at their own expense, the insurance policies necessary to cover their responsibilities as defined above, including in particular one effective civil liability insurance throughout the Challenge territories and for amounts acceptable to Trace.

All participants in the Challenge must have a European health insurance card valid for the duration of the Challenge. 


Definition: Confidential Information means: all information relating to the content of these regulations and/or communicated by Trace, its partners, any person involved in the Challenge to the participants in the call for applications and/or the Challenge or to which the participants in the call for applications and/ or to the Challenge could have access due to their participation in the call for applications and/or the Challenge, whether or not during the Challenge workshops including, without this list being exhaustive, images of the Challenge, the contents workshops, the titles of the partner artists, the progress of the Challenge, the results of the Challenge etc.

Commitment: The participants in the call for applications and/or in the Challenge undertake towards Trace to keep strictly confidential and not to disclose, communicate or distribute to third parties the Confidential Information communicated, without prior written consent of Trace.

Participants in the call for applications and/or the Challenge are prohibited in particular from making captures and/or recordings during the Challenge and/or publications or broadcasts of Confidential Information to third parties including on their social networks without the prior written consent from Trace. 

Trace and its partners reserve the right to immediately stop the participation in the Challenge of a candidate who does not respect this obligation of confidentiality.

Maintenance of the obligation after the term or termination: After the term or termination of these regulations, the present provisions relating to the confidentiality of information will remain in force for a period of ten (10) years from the date of Opening of the call for applications for the Challenge.

Additional conditions 

By participating in the Challenge, entrants agree that Trace, and its affiliates, licensees, partners and third party marketing entities have the right and authorization to use personality attributes including but not limited to name, the image, voice, and biographical data, photograph, testimonial or other likeness and/or any other personal information or exhibit (and/or any modified portion thereof) and/or any information contained in its participation in the Challenge for promotional, advertising and/or broadcast purposes on any media, currently known or subsequently developed, anywhere in the world and in perpetuity, without compensation for the participating candidate, without notice or without other consent on the part of of said candidate within the limits authorized by law. 


These regulations and any dispute arising out of or relating to them (whether due to a breach of contract, due to a failure to perform its obligations or for any other reason) will be governed by French law. and interpreted in accordance therewith.

Agreement or relating thereto, including any question relating to its existence, its interpretation, its validity, the rights or obligations of the Parties, or its termination, each Contracting Party concerned shall notify the other Party of the Dispute. After such notification, authorized representatives of the Parties concerned will meet and attempt to reach an amicable agreement within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of receipt of the notification of the dispute. If the Parties concerned fail to resolve the Dispute in the manner indicated above, this Dispute will be submitted to the competent court in Paris. 

Personal data

Persons responding to the call for applications are informed that in order to take their participation in the call for applications into account, certain information concerning them, called “Personal Data”, is collected, stored and processed by Trace and Trace  Global and/or their partners and/or service providers in accordance with Trace’s privacy policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) accessible on the website It is specified that this Privacy Policy presents (i) the way in which Trace and Trace Global process personal data and (ii) all the rights that each person has with regard to their personal data. Each person is informed that their Personal Data is collected, processed and stored in France and/or and may possibly be transferred to partners, service providers and/or entities of the group to which Trace belongs, including those located outside France, under the conditions provided for in the Privacy Policy which complies with the legal requirements in force in this matter. It is further recalled that in application of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and to free movement of this data, known as “GDPR”, any person has the rights of access, rectification, opposition but also erasure, limitation and portability as well as the right to define directives relating to the fate of their Personal Data in the event of death. These rights can be exercised by writing to TRACE GLOBAL – DPO –  71 boulevard du Général Leclerc,  92110 Clichy, France or to the following address: specifying the subject of the request. Each person is also informed that they have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, the CNIL. It is specified that the possible management of participants’ personal data by any third party other than Trace, in the event that these data were initially collected by third-party companies, is the exclusive responsibility of said companies. Any questions and/or complaints concerning the collection, processing and/or storage of data of the persons concerned by these third parties must be addressed to them directly, in their capacity as data controller. 

Force Majeure

In the event of force majeure, strike, technical problems beyond the control of the organizers of the Challenge according to article 1218 of the French Civil Code and/or in all cases recognized by the Court of Cassation as falling under Force Majeure, the determination of the winning team may be cancelled without further notice and no compensation may be requested from Trace and/or its partners.

Communication of the Regulations

The entirety of these regulations will be available on the website


Trace may freely transfer or assign its rights and/or obligations provided for in these regulations, in whole or in part, for the benefit of any company in the Trace group (company controlled or directly or indirectly controlling Trace Global – registered with RCS Nanterre 411 205 628 within the meaning of article L233-3 of the Commercial Code) and/or its partners.

Regulation language 

These regulations have been written originally in French. In the event that it is translated into one or more foreign languages, only the French text will be authentic in the event of a dispute.

Done in Sofia, in two original copies, on 27 April 2024. 

I thank you in advance for signing these regulations with the following handwritten notes “Read and approved”, the name and first name of the signatory, and for initialing all pages.


Signature + “Read and approved” (handwritten)