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If you’re selected, you’ll embark on an exciting European adventure between Marseille, Sofia, and Brussels. In transnational teams, you’ll have one month from May 25th to June 27th to set up a Live event from A to Z! You’ll work on creative brainstorming, as well as business, communication, technical aspects, and, of course, stage performance!

During the challenge, you’ll be coached by experts who have worked with the biggest artists in the industry.


Develop a concrete project alongside other promising young talents and inspiring professionals!

The entire adventure will be captured through an inspiring mini reality series broadcasted in the fall of 2024 on Trace Urban. A real opportunity for visibility! Dive into the world of live performance  and the music industry guaranteed!



2 artists and 10 aspiring professionals from Brussels, Marseille and Sofia will be chosen on the basis of motivation, and a total of 36 talents will take part in the adventure.
After a pre-selection process, the artists will go through a casting process in each city, and only the very best will be chosen! Send us your best performance!
For the other professions, selection will be based on a motivational video, so get your best video ready!


You’re passionate about music?

Would you like to organize concerts as part of a team?

Want to boost your career and be coached by professionals?

Then participate in the challenge!


During the challenge, you’ll be part of a team, but each talent will represent a profession from various fields: stage, organization, communication, visuals, technical… Click to discover your missions to accomplish during the adventure:

Artist / Performer


Objectives / Missions

  • Create scene-specific titles
  • Refine your artistic direction 
  • Work on your stage presence, voice, attitude, dance…
  • Rehearsals and Live Performance
  • Learn to communicate on Medias

Required qualities / Skills

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Charisma
  • Determination

Tour Manager / Tour Director


Objectifs / Missions

  • Implementing an artist’s Live strategy
  • Manage logistics, budget, administration, legal…
  • Manage the arrival of the artist, his teams and coordination with venues and technical teams

Required qualities / Skills

  • Rigor
  • Organisation
  • Versatility
  • Curiosity

Scenographer / Stage Coach


Objectives / Missions

  • Set up the live staging 
  • Select and brief costume, dancer, lighting service providers, etc.
  • Accompany the artist during rehearsals and performances

Qualites requises / Skills

  • Creativity
  • Versatility
  • Leadership
  • Reactivity



Objectives / Missions

  • Ensure smooth technical progress during rehearsals and live performances 
  • Coordination of logistics and technical teams
  • Solve problems and discuss with the artist team

Required qualities / Skills

  • Rigor
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Technical knowledge



Objectives / Missions

  • Develop the Live Marketing Communication strategy
  • Brief establishment and brainstorming with the Content Manager
  • Setting up the post schedule and creating assets
  • Management of media campaigns and overall results

Required qualities / Skills

  • Good writing
  • Organisation
  • Innovative
  • Communication



Objectives / Missions

  • Production of video content around the artist’s Live performance (filming, editing, mixing and budgeting) 
  • Content such as: portrait, promo, teasers, backstage, etc. 
  • Live recording of the performance

Required qualities / Skills

  • Creativity
  • Adaptation
  • Organisation
  • Patience


Don’t know which profession suits you best?

Take 5 minutes to answer a personality quiz.

How to win the challenge?

You and your team will be evaluated throughout the entire adventure and will participate in mini challenges. But the two final stages will be decisive:

  1. The final show, which you will have worked on for 30 days
  2.  A full presentation of the work done during the challenge to a jury of professionals.

The juries will choose the team with the best strategy and Live performance, demonstrating creativity, cohesion, interpersonal skills and team spirit!

By participating you get

  • Expert coaches by your side
  • Challenges to push your limits during the adventure
  • Workshops, masterclasses, sharing experiences with inspiring personalities
  • Networking with professionals in the live and music industry
  • Realization of a concrete project alongside other passionate young talents
  • Discovery of European territories and venues that are hubs of the music industry
  • A human adventure that boosts your career


  • Personalized support to launch your project
  • Networking opportunities with a wide network of music industry professionals
  • Visibility on Trace media and partner platforms
  • Distribution contract with JTV
  • Participation in partner festivals
  • And many more surprises…

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